Our Story





Urban Golf Gear was founded in Oakland, California, in 1997 by Craig Tanner, who was originally inspired by Tiger Woods massive impact on golf following his third US amateur championship success.

Said Tanner: "When Tiger won, I knew that people of colour and kids were going to get into golf - and I also knew all the rappers were going to get into golf and golf fashion too, which would make it cool”

 Tanner spent months developing the perfect logo and identifying the ideal materials for his new range of gear.

He added: "Our logo – we call him the ‘UGG Man’ - is a morph of hundreds of faces from different races and ethnic groups.

"I also realised our customers wanted earth tones in comfortable fabrics instead of bright colours normally found with traditional golf apparel. Upcoming lines will also capitalise on the extreme sports craze."

The Urban Golf Gear Europe range merges technical fabrics with fashion and consists of Microfibre Windshirts, Dry-Tech Polos and Hats, Baseball Caps, Casual Tee-Shirts and Hoodies, with men's and women’s clothing ranges.

In the US, Urban Golf Gear has attracted a cult following among A-list CELEBRITIES.

Fast forward to 2020 and the rel-launch of our all new website and fulfillment facilities Europe will give us more coverage than ever before.

We love our customers, please feel free to email us direct on hello@urbangolfgear.co.uk